CBS New York Presents: NYC's 9 Best Russian Restaurants

Russian restaurants have a knack for combining sexy with fun, liveliness with intimacy. Now this could be the effects of vodka, but consider too the appetizing cuisine: one unusual, mouthwatering, taste delight after the other. NYC boasts a wide range of ways and means to get your Russian fix: from simple takeout creperies, to lairs of enchantment, to glitz-on-steroids, smorgasbord dining halls. Below are nine of the best of them. By Anna Van Lenten.
Blessed by Anthony Bourdain on the Travel channel, National serves distinctively good food—pickled tomatoes, grilled meats, caviar, tongue. The dining room is like a stage set with vermillion carpet and gold chandeliers as far as the eye can see. Sample some tasty appetizers, and get up to swing with the outrageous song and dance show. An all-out, full-tilt experience.

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